Timeline Nordthy

It all started back in 1966 when Børge Lukassen established “B. Lukassen’s Kager”, which later became Nordthy Biscuits, and today Nordthy. In the early years, Børge Lukassen delivered and serviced mainly the local merchants’ shelves.


Børge Lukkasen established “B. Lukassen’s Kager”, and he bought his first truck. He visited the local shops weekly.


The Employee staff has grown significantly over the years and at the beginning of the 1980s the number of trucks has reached 10 which at that time serviced throughout North Jutland.


After several years of growth. Construction of a new warehouse is commenced to handle the increasing sales.


In 1992 the new warehouse of 3300 square meters was build. and ”B. Lukassen’s Kager” rebranded to ”Nordthy Biscuits”

With space for 16 trucks in the garage at same time, it became possible for the sellers to go to the warehouse and pack their own orders to the stores.


Sales force in 1994.

Row 1
Sitting from left

-Ove Kristensen
-Lars Lukassen
-Karsten Olsen
-Lars Kjærsgaard
-Thomas Johansen
-Jørgen Poulsen

Row 2
Stand from left

-Mogens Kristensen
-Karl Ove Lukassen
-Jørgen Nielsen
-Niels Vig
-Freddy Christensen
-Børge Lukassen
-Søren Lukassen
-Kenneth Myretue

For many years, Nordthy Biscuits was in Denmark known as “DIN KAGEMAND” This name arose as more and more merchants became aware of Nordthys many funny and different sales exhibits.  Nordthy became many store’s favourite supplier of biscuits and cakes, thus creating the slogan “DIN KAGEMAND”


After several years of desire to expand the range with confectionery, Nordthy acquires ”Nordic Candy Aps” and thereby Nordthy Candy is launched.


Nordthy Biscuits changes name to Nordthy and acquires ”BE Kager” in Rødekro, to enter the North German market. Germany is a market that from which Director Søren Lukassen expects a lot.


With the acquisition of BE Kager and a strengthened position on the Danish market, Nordthy managed to win the “Børsens Gazelle” in both 2010 and 2011. An Award that was reclaimed in 2019 and latest in 2020.

“Børsens gazelle is an award for fast growing companies in Denmark”


Nordthy Premium comes to

“In order to meet the growing demand for quality products. We have chosen to develop our very own unique range, which will continuously be adapted to current trends”

CEO Lars Lukassen


Nordthy is expanding in North- and Southern Jutland.

After several years of increasing sales, another 2,600m2 (2019) and 3.700m2 (2021) were expanded in Østerild, North Jutland.

At the same time, new storage- and office facilities were obtained in Røderkro, Southern Jutland.